Coral Reef Protection

At a time when environmental protection is becoming a global priority, the Manava Moorea Resort is committed to safeguarding the coral reefs.

The island of Moorea is unique in the world. The beauty of its lagoon, its clear waters, its multicolored fish and its multiple corals are the main witnesses.

Since 2006, the hotel and the Reef Ecosystem association have implemented an ecological program in order to preserve the coral reefs near the hotel.

Reef Ecosystem is a “coral nursery” association specialized in the protection and preservation of the biodiversity of the coral reefs of French Polynesia.

Coral reefs cover more than 700,000 kilometers, which is about the size of France. Polynesia is rich in them and has 13,000 kilometers of them alone. This complicated and unique ecosystem contributes to the preservation of the biodiversity of our seabed.