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Manava Beach Resort & Spa Hotel Moorea - private policy

Manava Beach Resort & Spa Hotel Moorea - private policy
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Manava Beach Resort & Spa Moorea Privacy Policy



The MANAVA BEACH RESORT & SPA MOOREA is committed to protect its clients’ private life.  The present Privacy Chart adopted by our Company allows you to stay informed regarding the data we collect from our hotel clients and from visitors to our website

In addition, we present you the reasons why we collect this information and the way in which the MANAVA BEACH RESORT & SPA MOOREA uses it.



The MANAVA BEACH RESORT & SPA MOOREA collects the following « personal information”: name, first name, address, email, telephone number, age, gender, image, credit card and passport information, amounts spent at the hotel, flight information (arrival and departure times), as well as any complaints or specific requests from the client.


  1. To guarantee a high-quality service to our customers.
  2. This personal information is essential for the proper management of the customers’ stay at the hotel. Collecting it ensures a good follow-up of the bookings and a high-quality service to the customers.
  3. The hotel collects this personal data in order to guarantee the best possible stay experience
  4. To better inform our clients.


The data collected is also used by the MANAVA BEACH RESORT & SPA MOOREA to send personalized offers and services. This information is mainly sent via electronic newsletters.

Some personal information may be shared with partner companies, such as the Call Center (WE ARE YOU), the management company (SOUTH PACIFIC MANAGEMENT), emailing platforms (MAILCHIMPS, MAILPERFORMANCE) and the Reservations platform (FASTBOOOKING).

Our partners have committed themselves to respect the confidential nature of the data we share with them.


Clients can decline receiving any information from the MANAVA BEACH RESORT & SPA MOOREA and SOUTH PACIFIC MANAGEMENT or from any other of our partners. For this, they only need to send us an email at: .




A. When a user visits our website
When a user visits our website, he receives a « cookie» and an identifier which is assigned to his computer. With a cookie it is possible to record a user’s behavior on a given website. Cookies give the user a personalized experience, while, at the same times providing the hotel with personal information that can be used for marketing purposes.

Cookies are used to enhance customer experience on and also to offer targeted advertising that may interest the users.

The navigation data on the site are communicated to the management company, SOUTH PACIFIC MANAGEMENT, and to the Call Center “WE ARE YOU”.

Should the user decide not to block the use of cookies, this will be considered as a de facto acceptance of the way the MANAVA BEACH RESORT & SPA MOOREA exploits the collected data.

It should be stressed that most of the data analyzed and collected through the cookies are:  the number of visits, the length of times pent on the site and the user’s geographical location. Thanks to this data, we can continuously update and improve our website. If the user does not want to accept cookies, he can have them blocked by adjusting the settings of the browser he is using,


A.When a user visits our website

When a user brose on our website, his identity is not disclosed. In fact, the tools we have only allow us to know which the pages are he consulted, the length of time of his visit, his origin and his sex. This anonymous data is provided to us through the Google Analytics tool.  We use it to improve our editorial and the overall quality of our website.
Nevertheless, if a user visits our website and wishes to make contact with us via the Contact Form, he will be requested to give personal information such as his name, first name, address, email address and telephone number.

This data is requested in order to better meet our customers’ requirements.

When a customer provides us with his personal data, he/she confirms that he/she has read the terms and conditions of the PRIVACY CHART and that he/she agrees with these terms and conditions.  In the event that the customer does not wish to provide such personal information via the Internet, he can contact our Booking Office at +(689) 40 50 84 45.


Additionally, when a client subscribes to the newsletter, the following information is passed on to us: name, first name, date of birth and email address.

This data information is then added to our mailing lists stored on the MAILCHIMPS or MAILPERFORMANCE tools. This allows the MANAVA BEACH RESORT & SPA MOOREA to send personalized electronic communications and offers to our customers.

Adding data to these lists requires the client’s approval. It should also be noted that these lists are for internal use only: our data bases are never sold nor rented out to third parties. Moreover, clients can request at any time the withdrawal from these lists of any and all information concerning them.

As a matter of fact, a client has the right to accept or to refuse any communication from our establishment.

B.When a user makes a reservation on our website

In case of a reservation made on our website, the client must fill a form that includes personal information and his credit card details. Once the user has validated the form, his credit card number is loaded in our data basis and into our archives.  The information collected is then used by our reservations staff to validate the bookings.

All transactions made on our website are then loaded onto our reservations system and in our archives.

These data allow us to better handle requirements regarding the transactions. They are also used to prepare the arrival and departure of our clients and the payment of the reservation.




It is possible to make a reservation by contacting our Reservations Center in French Polynesia, or through “WE ARE YOU », our Reservations Center in the US.

But if visitors to our site < > select to make a reservation on line, they must fill a Reservation Form and therefore provide the following information: name, first name, email address, telephone number, plus information regarding payment guarantee, including a credit card number. This form is absolutely indispensable for the management of the clients’ file.

By providing this personal information, the client declares having read and accepted the general conditions of the present Privacy Chart. Once the reservation is confirmed, the hotel receives the total information communicated at the time of reservation.

Given the personal nature of the information given at time of reservation on our website, the reservations system is secured thanks to the FASTBOOKING tool,

in order to protect the credit cards supplied being used.  All the information collected during a reservation is then stored in our server and reservation system.

B. Through our reservations center SOUTH PACIFIC MANAGEMENT or our Call Center “WE ARE YOU”.


It is also possible to make a reservation by contacting our Reservations Center based in French Polynesia or with the assistance of our call Center in the US, “WE ARE YOU”.

For reservations made with SOUTH PACIFIC MANAGEMENT or “WE ARE YOU”, the clients will have to provide the following personal information: name, email address, telephone number and payment means.

Our service providers will also be able to register room preference or any other specific request mentioned at time of reservation.

The personal information collected will then be sent to the hotel and the booking confirmation to the client, usually by electronic mail.

During the client’s stay, the hotel keeps a record of his detailed expenses in order to correctly issue the customer’s bill. This includes the room rate and all other expenses charged to the room. As a matter of fact, the hotel is under the obligation to register this information in order to comply with financial reporting requirements, including those imposed by auditors and government regulators.  In accordance with local regulations, the hotel may need to collect some other information (e.g. Passport number. Information specific to a given stay might also be kept (health problems, payment difficulties, specific requests, complaints, etc…). This information, collected during the whole stay, is kept in the hotel management system. Some information regarding service preference may be provided to SOUTH PACIFIC MANAGEMENT through the management booking platform. In any case, it is always possible to inform the hotel or SOUTH PACIFIC MANAGEMENT that the customer does not wish to share certain personal information.

Moreover, the hotel may be required to keep the contents of any document (including letters, comments, emails …) that the customer has sent before, during and after the stay. This information may be communicated to SOUTH PACIFIC MANAGEMENT. Finally, in anticipation of a stay, the hotel may have to collect the photo of the customer accessible on the internet in order to recognize the customer upon arrival and to offer him an adapted and personalized customer service.



All the clients’ personal information is stored, used and transferred for treatment, according to the local laws, the judicial, police and territorial security authorities. This data can also be collected for marketing purposes in order to improve customer experience at the hotels.


The hotel stores all clients’ personal information in a secure location, in particular as data base, in filing cabinets and, also, in the hotel’s reservation system.

The clients’ information mostly exploited is: the origin, the age, the average stay at the hotel, the room category, the number of persons in the party, some behaviors, eventual complaints, some specific requests and the email addresses.

The information can only be accessed by the hotel staff for the overall smooth running of the hotel and for the optimization of our guests ‘experience of the hotel. Therefore, as the property manager, SOUTH PACIFIC MANAGEMENT may also use this personal information to define the hotel’s marketing strategies and actions.

More information regarding the transaction is also stored in our system such as the number of night at each stay in our establishment.

THE MANAVA BEACH RESORT & SPA MOOREA collects and maintains data bases of customer information for commercial, marketing and managerial purposes. Customers will only receive the information they have chosen to receive. Any information sent is accompanied by clear instructions on how to proceed in order to stop receiving any further promotional material.



Despite all the efforts made to protect the customers ‘privacy and personal information, we cannot guarantee absolute security.

In fact, our customers ‘privacy may be compromised by fraudulent access or use, by material or technical failure, or various other factors.

Despite a deployment of contractual protections, we are not in a position to guarantee the protection of personal information hosted by third parties.

It should be remembered that email commutation is not secure and that it carries a risk. When a customer requests information or sends us a form by email (for instance from the “Contact Us” section of our website), these exchanges are not secure. It is therefore important not to include confidential information (e.g. a credit card number) in an email.

For the customers’ protection, the hotel replies will not contain any confidential information.

Finally, for the sake of caution, it is recommended to close browsers when a user has finished filling a form or booking on a site.



We reserve the right to pass our customers’ personal information onto agents, subcontractors or third-party service providers in the facilities we manage to best meet the needs of our customers. However, SOUTH PACIFIC MANAGEMENT uses contractual or other commitments to ensure that such third parties protect personal information in accordance with the principles set forth in our Privacy Policy.

Personal information is shared with SOUTH PACIFIC MANAGEMENT according to the conditions set out above.


We will only share personal information with the client’s consent in cases where: (a) it is required or permitted by law (for example, witness summons); (b) this is necessary to provide the services requested by the customer, in which case the consent will be presumed (for example, for a car rental); (c) the stay has been paid by a third party, in which case we will provide the billing information to the paying party; (d) the customer has not set his debit balance at the hotel
If the hotel suspects that an illegal activity is taking place, the hotel reserves the right to transmit its findings or suspicions to the police or any other law enforcement agency.

Moreover, for the customers having subscribed to our newsletter, their e-mail addresses will then be inserted into our database stored by the MAILCHIMPS & MAILPERFORMANCE websites and archived on our server.




Customers who wish to know what personal information we hold about them, can send us their request by email at the following address However, in order to protect personal information, we will ask the customer to prove his identity at the time of the request.

If the client makes a request in person, we will ask him to present an ID with photo identification, such as a passport or driver’s license. He will also have to have to sign an application form.

If the request is made by other means, it will need to be formulated it in writing and send to us by e-mail, fax or mail, together with copy of the ID and signature of the client.  We will also need the home address and telephone number so we can verify that they match the ones we have in our files and confirm the identity.


The above information is needed to create an audit trail regarding the way the request was handled. We may retain all correspondence related to the request and add it to the customer’s personal information.
In certain circumstances, MANAVA BEACH RESORT & SPA MOOREA reserves the right to decline access to personal information. Should we decide not to disclose a client’s personal information, we will indicate the reasons for this non-disclosure.




If, at any time, a customer wishes to update or consult his personal information, he can contact us:


By email to:

By fax to: (689) 40 55 17 51

By mail to:

Manava Beach Resort & Spa Moorea

BP 3410 – 98728 Temae

Moorea – Polynésie Française




Personal information will be stored for the duration specified by the applicable law and regulations. It could be retained indefinitely, subject to a professional motive. Occasionally, we will suppress the personal information if the customer has not stayed in the hotel for several years.



If we decide to make important changes to our Privacy Policy, we will post them on our website so that our customers know at all times how we handle their personal information. Minor changes can be made and published as a revised policy. Such changes will not be applicable retroactively to personal information for which one has agreed prior to the changes to the Privacy Policy came into force, except as provided by law. Should we decide to use personal information in a manner different to the one provided for by our Privacy Policy, we will then notify our clients by email sent to their last known address. If a customer does not accept our new way of using the personal information, he has the right to refuse in writing. If the customer does not express any objection, he will be deemed to have consented to the new use of the personal information.



The “careers” section of our website allows people who wish to be considered for a potential job to send their resume for consideration. We will not use the information provided for any purpose other than to determine whether the sender could qualify for a potential position with the MANAVA BEACH RESORT & SPA MOOREA.




Date of entry into effect:  25 May 2018

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